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Voice Services

Glacier communications offers Local/Regional/Long Distance/ International calling plans as well as measured, bundled, and unlimited voice services.
  • Local

    Offering Unlimited local service with a choice of long distance plans and options with a host of calling features for much less than the competition.

  • Long Distance

    Rates a low as 2.9 cents per minute for state to state long distance.

  • International

    Great rates that will allow your business to call anywhere in the world.

  • Conference Calling

    The convenience of conference meetings made easy and inexpensive.

  • Calling Cards

    Great rates that make calling from anywhere easy and affordable.

  • 800 Numbers

    Give your business the benefit of allowing your callers to conveniently reach you from anywhere around the world.


    ISDN PRI service provides intra-exchange access for integrated services between the customer’s premise and the serving office via a 1.544 megabits per second (Mbps) facility. ISDN PRI denotes end-to-end digital network capable of supporting a combination of public and private network access services.

    ISDN PRI service is typically divided in capacities of twenty-three (23) B channels, which are a 64 Kbps channel, and one D channel, which is used at 64 Kbps.

  • Business Lines

    • Hunt Groups
    • Speed Dialing
    • Call Waiting
    • Call Forwarding – Busy/Don’t Answer/Variable
    • Caller ID
    • Automatic Call Back
    • Three Way Calling
    • Account Codes
    • Anonymous Call Rejection
    • Three Way Calling

Special Promotions

Spectrum Business

1GB / 35MB

Verizon FiOS

1GB / 1GB

Comcast Business

1GB / 35MB

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