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IP Communications

  • IP Integrated

    IP Integrated Access is designed for business customers that simply need converged voice and data access. This service works with existing Key or PBX systems, thereby eliminating the need to heavily invest in extra equipment. With IP Integrated Access, there is no need for equipment changeover or disruption to services. Customers will not need to retrain employees on any of the calling features or functions, and implementation is transparent to the end-user.

    This offering’s target market includes customers that:

    • Have five (5) to 325 employees per site
    • Are small– or medium-size businesses, or small or remote locations of large enterprises
    • Want the advantages of Voice over IP (VoIP) without investing in additional equipment infrastructure or desktop equipment
    • Want to migrate to a fully VoIP environment at their own pace
    • Want flexible growth choices since the service is scalable and interchangeable with other VoIP services
    • Want the cost savings realized through converged access
  • Hosted IP

    Hosted IP is designed for customers that want all the features of a PBX or Key system without the associated capital, lease, or maintenance costs. All the PBX functionality resides in the network. It is ideal for customers moving to or establishing a new location, or for customers looking to replace an outdated PBX or Key system. Hosted IP is a complete turnkey solution including design, installation, and ongoing maintenance for a low monthly fee. The network-based IP technology provides a full suite of subscriber and administrative features.

    Hosted IP is available to small and large customers alike. The number of end-users supported per site is determined by the customer’s access, as well as, data and voice traffic patterns.

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