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Why Glacier Communications?

  • Unique Telecommunication Expertise

    – Glacier Communications can supplement the work of internal telecommunication personnel. Our team will complement and successfully interface with telecommunication professionals to enhance their effectiveness, allowing them to concentrate on the business at hand.
    – Our expertise on the rules, regulations, and tariffs that govern the industry and our long standing relationships with our providers allows Glacier Communications to negotiate rates that would not be available to your business.

  • Intellectual Capital

    – Intellectual Capital is the ability of our consultants to review your bills and find the most cost effective solution for all of your telecommunication needs without disrupting any services you currently have.

  • Telecommunication Proprietary Software System

    – Glacier Communications Telephony Proprietary System was developed to find the best rates throughout the country. Using our unique software Glacier Communications can find the most competative rates throughout the country.

  • Dedication

    – Our dedication and loyalty to our clients is represented by the long standing relationships we have with them. We work very hard for our clients to ensure their telecommunication and data needs fit their business model.

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